November 11th, 2009


"What Do You Mean, 'Wrong Hole'?"

Telegraph.CO.UK — Triumph have designed the new bra to appeal to Japan's busy golfing women. The green corset-style garment can be removed and unrolled to create a 1.5 meter-long putting mat. When the user sinks a putt into one of the cups, a built-in speaker pumps out a congratulatory "Nice shot!" The bra also features pockets for extra golf balls and tees, and a detachable flag pin that serves as a score pencil. The bra set comes with a skirt with the words "Be Quiet" printed on the rear, which doubles up as a flag for use on the course. Quite how the user is supposed to do cover herself when she removes the underwear is unclear. Twice a year, Triumph unveils a new novelty bra in Japan to highlight social trends… In previous years the company have invented the postal bra – with pockets for letters – and a chopstick bra made from miso soup and rice bowls, with a special holder for chopsticks. In May they unveiled the novelty husband hunter bra, which features a countdown clock that stops once an engagement ring is inserted into the mechanism, and plays Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March".