November 24th, 2009

Grammar Nazi

California Man finds out Charles Manson is his Father

NY Post — A Gandhi-following, peace-loving, free-spirited vegetarian who was adopted at birth has discovered the worst possible thing a son could find out about his father – his dad is Charles Manson. "It's like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father," said Matthew Roberts, a Los Angeles disc jockey…

Now he knows how Luke Skywalker felt.

…[His mother] told Roberts he was born after Manson raped her in a drug-fueled orgy in 1967. She gave the baby up for adoption. … After five years, Roberts' eventually wrote to Manson, who replied with letters and postcards – eerily signed with an ugly swastika – the wartime Nazi symbol Manson has tattooed onto his menacing forehead…

This is not going to be a Hallmark Father's Day special.

"He's my biological father. I can't help but have some kind of emotional connection," Roberts said. "I don't want to love him, but I don't want to hate him either."

No, no, really, it's OK. Plenty of children hate their parents for less.