December 14th, 2009

Allah Sulu-Simpsons

As The Man Would Say, "Mmmmm... Donutsh... *hic*" — New for Hanukkah: Vodka donuts!

The who with the what now?

Alcohol importers in Israel have decided to market their vodka in an original way: By hiring a pastry chef who is also a bartender to create vodka-soaked donuts ahead of the holiday of Hanukkah. "Adults await sufganiyot (Hanukkah donuts) no less than children do," a source from the company that imports "Hortiza", the vodka to be infused into the donuts, said. "Therefore," he added, "we have decided to launch a line of donuts suitable for adults and party-goers."

Naturally, I think that this has to be one of the greatest ideas in the history of ever … except … is it really a good idea for a group of people sitting around up to nine open flames to be eating flammable pastry?

A 100 gram donut, sold at the price of 4.5 (about US$1.18), contains 90 milliliters of vodka diluted with jam. The vodka contains 35% alcohol, and the alcohol content of each donut is equal to that of a bottle of beer. In other words, anyone eating more than one vodka donut had better hand over his or her car keys to a friend.

Are you kidding? I want a couple of dozen of these at the next long, boring company meeting.

In order to meet the requirements of the law, the vodka donut will only be sold to adults presenting the appropriate ID. The vodka donut trend seems to be spreading this year, and has also reached many bakeries in lower concentrations.

Spreading is good; I expect my Jewish friends to let me know when these appear locally. However, I cannot in all good conscience approve of that "lower concentrations" phrase. (Thanks to irishrose888 for notifying me of this development.)