December 19th, 2009


White Beats Red

It's been over two months since I unsuccessfully tried to donate platelets at the Red Cross. They keep calling, and I keep making appointments, but I haven't been able to make it back there. Saturday mornings are the best/easiest time for me to donate, but my Saturdays since then have been taken up by a play date for Richard, car trouble, a wedding, a birthday party, being sick, being sick again, and other things I've forgotten about. I made an appointment to donate this morning, but there's over a foot of snow on the ground with more still falling steadily. That doesn't frighten me – the road wasn't plowed yet when I woke up this morning; but at least there were no other drivers, and those are the biggest dangers around here whenever there's even a hint of snow on the ground (or even just in the forecast for the relatively-near future) – but I had to assume that the Red Cross, like almost everywhere else, would be closed; the employees huddled at home, hiding under a pile of milk cartons, bread loaves, and rolls of toilet paper. So, another appointment missed. On Tuesday, they'll give me another call and I'll make another appointment for next Saturday. It's funny that, even if I had successfully donated back in October, they'd still be pestering me now because of how much has passed since then.