December 20th, 2009


For Anyone Who Doubts That Snow Makes DC People INSANE

People were having a snowball fight in the street (it's not like anybody was out driving) and hit a plainclothes cop. He pulled out a gun. He apparently also didn't bother to identify himself as a cop until another officer (in uniform) arrived and pulled out his gun on the first cop and made him "drop it and let's see some ID." (source) Naturally, someone had a camera, recorded the conversation with the cops, and put it up on YouTube. Idiot cop: "Yes, I did because I got hit with snowballs." Sensible cop: "Go back to your snowball fight, call the station if there are any other problems."



Les Misérables: the game of the book is the first time that the story of Les Misérables has been adapted into a game. Notice the careful wording. It's the first time the story has been adapted, not the first time the characters have appeared in a game… Les Misérables is popular in Japan, and computer based fighting games are also popular in Japan, so it was inevitable that one day they would meet. So "Arm Joe" was born: a fighting game that uses characters and costumes based on the musical… A man called Takase made the game in the late 1990s. It features all the main characters from Les Misérables, plus a Robot replica of Valjean, a personification of divine judgment, and an animated stuffed rabbit who drives a Mini.

The picture above shows Inspector Javert faced off against Monsieur Thénardier. Click on the image to see several more screenshots, an explanation for the name "Arm Joe", and a link allowing you to download the game and drop a barricade onto Éponine.