January 13th, 2010


My Computer (at Home)

Q, with assistance, is busily engaged in cleaning, rearranging, and generally optimizing our home. Late last year her computer died, and she declined to replace it. (I would have bought her another one, but there were other things she preferred the money be spent on. I still bought a netbook, just to keep our silicon-based population up.) So, she decided (and I agreed) that it would make sense to replace the folding table which I was using for my computer desk with her computer desk – it has a smaller footprint and thus takes up less space, but it (like an ogre) has layers. It was quite a complicated task for me to disconnect everything just to reconnect and rearrange it in its new home. (I also removed the DVD-R drive from my PC, which was dying, and replaced it with the DVD-R and DVD-ROM drives from her old computer. This means I'm going to go crazy for a while over all of the other drives which have shifted their letters up one in the alphabet to accomodate the new drive. At least my flash drive remains at N: where I'm accustomed to finding it.) I found a couple of cables and cords that weren't connected to anything anymore and removed them, as well as disconnecting some peripherals we weren't using. (She brought up her old scanner and drawing tablet, but they're not currently connected because we're not currently using them.) We also added a new set of wireless headphones, and I've ordered a new set of speakers. The current ones are also dying (some things have required upgrading for a while, but were considered a low priority), but they served me well for many a year. (They were originally a gift from Seth Cohen.)