January 18th, 2010

Allah Sulu-South Park

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At lunchtime today, I took a walk down to the post office. I think it's just a little under a mile, not sure. Anyway, I hadn't been there in a while; and when I got there, I found that they'd moved recently (but a sign on the door helpfully gave the new address – a few blocks away – and directions). So, I walked to the new location, got there, and only then remembered that today was a holiday (to some; I was at work) because the place was closed. Oops.

Happy Fun Ball

There Was Also a Pen Involved

The other day we stopped at a bank; and for whatever reason, we referred to the ATM by its full name, "Automated Teller Machine." This naturally made me think of Teller from Penn and Teller

…Now I'm worried that the next time I stick my debit card into one of those machines, I'll get back the three of clubs.


Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Deep in the forest lived Billy and his charming companions. They peacefully honed their bodies and listened to music there. But a wave of development came upon the forests. One who would turn all to road. Kagamine Rin had come. Billy must stop the construction before all is turned to road…
So the mostly-naked guys are trying to stop the evil developers from exploiting the forest where they live in peace? Paint them blue and you have Avatar, right? (Ganked from lafinjack.)