March 10th, 2010


[Flash Game] Type-It

This is very similar to one of the first computer games I ever wrote, back in the early 80s on a TI-99/4A computer. The characters didn't fall quite so smoothly in my version (they were text characters, so they jumped down one or more rows at a time), but all of the characters on the keyboard were represented – including the arrow and enter keys. I've always been a hunt-and-peck, rather than a touch, typist (much to the chagrin of my mother and a couple of teachers); but over time, and with the help of programs like this, I got to be a very fast hunt-and-peck typist. I can type almost as fast using just a few fingers as my mother can using all ten. Anyway, to play the game, just hit the letters on the keyboard before they hit the bottom of the window. The sooner you find the key, the more points you get. (This is another gadget from