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The Vodka God's Journal
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Monday, May 3rd, 2010

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Art Imitates ... Art

There's also a Katamari level where everything is just slightly bigger than you, and a Mario level with a star just out of reach.

Someone took the preceding XKCD cartoon, of Tetris in Hell, and made it playable. Click on the game and then press the space bar to play. You should have no problems figuring out the controls … not that it remotely even matters.

(Ganked from 28bytes.)

Third Time's a Charm

Last Saturday, I went in for my third attempt at donating platelets by Apheresis (first time, second). I had already decided that if it didn't work out this time, I would consider that the third strike and go back to donating whole blood (which has almost always been very quick and easy for me). Well, it actually worked – they hooked up one needle to my left arm (for input and outgo) since they couldn't manage to find any blood vessels in my right arm the last couple of times (my internal tubes have a special gift at hiding or dodging – which I suppose is a better mutant power than barefoot glass magnetism) and I spent about two hours watching a DVD while they sucked out my blood, spun it around to remove the platelets, and then sent the dizzy blood staggering back into my body. I felt crappy most of the afternoon; but I attributed that to either our A/C not working properly (we eventually determined that the filter was way overdue for changing), or to the fact that I selected The Fantastic Four as the movie to watch while I donated (I wanted to pick something this time that I didn't already own and hadn't already seen, which limited the choices greatly).

We (Richard and I) also took Q out to dinner for her birthday, and we went to Rocky Horror that night. We're going more often than not, since we've got to see people and make plans and stuff for the upcoming convention (just one month to go!) I haven't posted it yet, but I have the casting done for Young Frankenstein (apart from finalizing how the part of Froderick Fronkensteen is to be split between two people). At least, I've cast all of the applicants – unfortunately, while I have someone for all of the major characters, most of the minor roles remain unfilled. If I can't rope some more people into performing, all the rest of the characters will be played by me and a stuffed moose. Contact me if you want to be a villager, medical student, or whatever.

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