June 10th, 2010

Rocky Horror

TC in DC, Part Two

Before we get to the pictures (eighty-five of them in this batch), here is a partial recap of the convention…

Thursday, after months of work and days of last-minute panic, the con was on. Some people had already arrived. I left work early (11 AM) to pick up Bob Simon at BWI airport. He was just traveling with carry-on bags; so once he came through the security gate, we just had to get out to my car (where I apologized for the heat). Bob's always fun, and we swapped stories and jokes as we went. (He was actually disappointed to hear that he wouldn't be seeing Richard again this weekend.) I drove back home to pick up Q, and then we went into DC to Tim and Katy's place for a rehearsal. While they did that, I had last-minute errands to run – including finding a top hat for Q and a constable hat for me to wear in Young Frankenstein. Later on, we all met up back at the hotel. There, among other things, I whipped up the first batch (of several) of my infamous punch. Q and I also got to spend some time in the pool; unfortunately, we didn't get to make it back there later in the weekend. (There were other minor things we didn't have time for, like sleep and food.)

Friday morning, we returned to the hotel. We hung out and socialized, while waiting to check into our room and for the commencement of festivities. (The first set of pictures are here.) Unfortunately, there was some kind of problem which caused the hotel to lose a few room reservations – including ours. (Dawn managed to somehow convince them to give us a room, even though they had sworn to both Q & I that they had no rooms left.) I missed the costume contest, in part because I'd made a second batch of punch (and drank some of it) because I was pissed off at the hotel, but also because I had a few other things to do (unloading the rest of the stuff from the car into our room once we got one, etc.) I got to watch Bob Simon perform, followed by Glasgow Tunnel. (For decades I've written song parodies; but they always remained words on paper or on the screen because I can't sing or play any instruments – I always get a special thrill from hearing lyrics I've written actually being performed.) After that, we come to the Shock Treatment rehearsal and performance, which is the main subject of this batch of photos…

Collapse )

I missed the bands, ran some errands, made a few more batches of punch (using up the last of my ingredients at 12:26 AM – I thought I'd brought enough to last the weekend), and then led a crowd of people back down to the ballroom at one to start off the Apples to Apples game. We had to put two tables together as there were so many people wanting to play; both experienced players and people playing for the first time. After an hour or so of playing I bowed out and returned to my room for some final Young Frankenstein review (it wasn't until that week that I even knew for sure which parts I'd be filling in for) before catching two or three hours of sleep.

For those who are curious, I made a total of four batches of punch at this convention (and I made them stronger than usual, too). At the last two conventions, I only made three batches each; but this time four batches only lasted half of the weekend. You guys are some serious lushes. ;)