June 11th, 2010

Rocky Horror

TC in DC, Part Three

Saturday morning I was up butt-early (around 6 AM), but I can't remember what I did. I went down to the ballroom looking for my Apples to Apples games that weren't there (I found them later in Dawn's room) and did a number of other things that weren't eating or sleeping. Eventually, 10 AM rolled around and it was time for the Young Frankenstein rehearsal. I had my notes with me (such as they were) and had to make sure some people (including me!) knew exactly which minor roles they were expected to fill. The people with the major roles, on the other hand, had already known what they were doing for some time; so it was just a matter of everyone doing it together for the first time, and working out some simple blocking. I wanted to use the audience as much as possible, since there are so many scenes in the movie (the classroom, the village meeting, "Putting on the Ritz") that take place in front of a group of people; and there weren't enough extras (or room on the stage) to put an audience up there. I realize that probably made it harder for people trying to film the movie, with actors running up and down the aisle or being planted in the audience, but I thought it made the live show come alive. The actors ad-libbed several things during the rehearsal that worked perfectly (tossing Bradwinkle at the little girl's parents, just as we were about to run up on stage) and were kept. I have to say that everyone did a great job, and some of the costumes were fantastic. I may not have gotten many good pictures from the show (although I've nabbed a bunch that other people have taken), but I got some good shots of people in costume before the show started.

Next, we had Q&A and storytime with Bob, followed by his rendition of "I'm Going Home." Normally, I find that song to be a bit of a snoozer, and find myself counting the minutes until the show is over. (When I played Frank regularly in the 90s, one theater we were at had a print of Rocky Horror with most of "I'm Going Home" missing. I used to like that defect.) However, I love the way Bob sings that song. Several years back, when I saw him performing it in full costume and makeup (and with my BOSS tattoo) I nearly had tears in my eyes.

After this we had the Fester tribute, the SSOB and BOSS awards, and then the two cast special performances. I'm not really familiar with the Young Frankenstein musical, so this was my first time seeing or hearing "Together Again (For the First Time)" (or whatever it's called), but I liked it. Tom and Nick did a good job with it, too. The next preshow, "Brad and Janet on Rocky Grounds", amused some and offended others. ("How are you doing that‽" "What?" "LIVING!!") I found myself primarily in the first camp, but I don't pretend to have a lot of class or sophistication. Unfortunately, our cast's performance ("The First Nudie Pre-Show") ended up canceled due to some missing costumes, I believe; and the trivia contest was canceled because my laptop (which was hooked up to the video projector and contained all of the files) died. After that, without further ado, we went into Young Frankenstein…

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I wasn't involved in the Rocky Horror blocking at 7:30 because I wasn't playing any part in the RHPS floorshow. In fact – true story – I have never performed in a Rocky Horror floorshow at any convention I've attended in the last fifteen or sixteen years. (I also haven't performed at any of the conventions which I haven't attended.) My next time on stage was the Raffle, which I volunteered to emcee. Remember, Sebastiane isn't gay porn, it's art! (Ditto Journey Among Women.) I fled the ballroom during the karaoke portion of the evening, during which I sought my lost makeup in order to give Adriana a BOSS tattoo, manned the table outside the ballroom for a while, and mingled with people I haven't seen in a while (some of them locals, and former castmates). Anything to avoid being inside the ballroom and having people try to coerce me onto the stage! (Also, I did all of my drinking on Thursday and Friday; once the punch ran out, I was dry for the remainder of the weekend.)

I sat up in front, stage right, for The Rocky Horror Picture Show since I had my LED remote-controlled colored light to use for the bedroom scenes (red and blue) and the floorshow (purple, blue, red, and green). (I also used it during Shock Treatment, primarily for "Lullaby" and "Looking for Trade".) For those who are interested (and a number of people asked), this is where I got it from. (It's still on sale.) Here is a quick 'n dirty guide I wrote for my cast in its usage, after I tried it out for a few shows at our theater. (In fact, now that the con is over, I'm donating it to the cast to keep with the other lighting equipment at the theater. I plan to use a chain to attach the remote to the lamp so that the remote doesn't get lost. The light's worthless without the remote.)

I got about three, hours of sleep before Q and I left the hotel at 5 AM Sunday morning. I dropped off her and the rest of our stuff at home (over the course of the weekend, I made several trips bringing things back and forth from the house to the hotel and back again, so that we didn't have to transport everything – either way – all at once) before I hit the road westward to meet Q's parents and bring back Richard, who had spent the weekend in Ohio. Once we got back, I chauffered a few people from the hotel to BWI airport before finally going home and getting some rest. On the one hand, I was relieved that it was over (there was quite a bit of stress involved); but on the other hand, I was already missing everyone and thinking off all the things I hadn't had time to do or say. It's too bad we couldn't have all hung out for at least another day; but then, this was billed as a mini-con.