June 24th, 2010

Rocky Horror

Random Bits

  1. According to a British paper, Yes, Men Really DO Get Sympathetic Pregnancies. ("sympathetic pregnancy, also known as Couvade Syndrome – from the French to brood or hatch … it isn't as rare as you'd think.") Well, duh; I could have told them that.

  2. I recently re-watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. I had forgotten that David Arquette was in there. Between him in the movie and Anthony Stewart Head in the TV series, you apparently can't have a vampire slayer without a Frank-N-Furter in the vicinity. If they ever do a Buffy reboot, you think Bob Simon would be interested?

  3. How many of these obsolete skills do you have?

  4. Finally, here's a plug for ThinkGeek.com (because Lord knows I've given them enough money in the last year): In honor of the fact that they've just gotten their official best cease-and-desist order – on an April Fool's Day product that doesn't even exist (yes, even in the Age of Obama, there's still no such thing as canned unicorn meat) – ThinkGeek.com is offering a ten dollar discount on any order of $40 or more, good until the end of the month. Just use the code "PORKBOARD" at checkout.