October 26th, 2010

Drunken President

Allah Sulu for Resident

Maryland's polls opened last Friday for early voting, so I found a polling place (only a few were open; it isn't until Election Day that all of the polling places are available) on my way home from work. It was just down the road from the Cirque de Soleil – make of that what you will. Anyway, I did my civic duty (marginally less painful and draining than a blood donation), walking past the people who were handing out voting pamphlets past the "no electioneering beyond this point" line because I didn't have a camera on me; and then went home, my shirt bestickered. One thing I noticed, while poking the touch-screen on the voting machine, was that a few people were running completely unopposed for their (low-level local) positions. It occurred to me that, had I known only one candidate was running, that I could have (with not too much effort) gotten my own name on the ballot under whatever party name I felt like making up (is "Vodkatarian" taken?), in whichever race I choose to grace with my presence. Given further thought, however, I'm glad I didn't. With the chaos and upheaval that's predicted to erupt next week (before peace and sanity is restored), who knows – they might have kicked the incumbent out and I might have won. There's a scary thought.