November 9th, 2010

Allah Sulu-Capcom

They Say Art Should Be Shocking

Blame It On The Voices — After he authentically crucified himself ten years ago in an artistic performance…

How exactly does a person crucify themselves? Think about it. As Neil pointed out in The Young Ones, "You can never drive in that last nail."

Russian avangarde artist Oleg Mavromatti was charged with inciting religious hatred, so he exiled himself to Bulgaria to escape imprisonment. Now he's back with a new stunt: since he doesn't want to go to jail, he's going to let people decide whether he's guilty or not. He's going to be strapped to a chair for a couple of hours each day for a week and people on the Internet will vote whether he's going to receive electric shocks of up to 600,000 V for two seconds or not. This guy obviously never heard of 4chan.

There's a person who's either naïve or a masochist.

The performance is called Ally / Foe and you can read more about it and go vote by visiting the link. (From Russia Today)