March 3rd, 2011

Rocky Horror

Birthday Weekend, Part Five

After leaving Wilmette (see the previous installments), Dawn and I went back to our hotel in Indiana (where we failed to find any Wisconsin legislators) to chill and change before going to see Help Me Mommy's Rocky Horror show in Hobert, IN. Since the show actually started after midnight, on Sunday 20 February 2011, it was officially my birthday and thus partial justification for taking a six-day weekend from work (it would have already been a three-day weekend due to Presidents' Day) for a Midwestern road trip.

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After the show, we went back to our room to crash before hitting the road for the drive back. We went to a few places that weekend, but we got the hotel as close to the Rocky Horror theater as possible so we wouldn't have a long drive after the show (which both of usually have, since neither of us lives in the same state as the show we most often attend).

When we got up and checked out of the hotel it was raining. We stopped by a Portillo's restaurant (half a mile from our hotel; that street had one of almost every chain restaurant in existence) where I picked up a big order of food (a catering box plus some frozen tamales) to go for Q's parents. (They're originally from Chicago, and like to have some Portillo's when they get the chance.) We took one day to drive all the way from the East Coast to Indiana, but we were taking two days to drive back, with an overnight stay at my in-laws'. (One of the people who was originally supposed to come with us on the trip but backed out lived not too far away from Q's parents, so that was the other reason we'd planned on the Ohio stop.) Anyway, it rained all day; and as night fell and temperatures dropped, the rain started turning to ice on the roads and windshield wipers. It was getting really nasty by the time we got to Q's parents, who immediately insisted on going back out again to take me to dinner for my birthday…

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The End.