April 17th, 2011

Allah Sulu-Lego

Richard's First Lego Movie

Richard loves his Legos. He loves his Lego websites (he actually got in trouble once at school for opening a Lego site on the computer when he was supposed to be doing some sort of classwork on the computer – yes, he's memorized some URLs and knows how to get to them), loves his Lego camera, and loves watching Lego movies on YouTube … So it was inevitable that he'd want to make his own Lego movies. I had explained some of the basics to him about stop-motion photography and such, and told him I'd help him make a movie once he found his camera (it was missing for a while; I finally found it yesterday while looking for something else). Well, he didn't feel like waiting, so this morning he tried making his own first Lego movie:

I'm not sure what the story is, but he's got two Lego characters doing something, and he took several pictures in different poses. All I did was put them together into an animated GIF. Now that he's got his camera back, I can demonstrate some more techniques he'll need to know, one of which is to keep the camera stationary in relation to the subjects. Since his camera is made of Legos, that will make it very easy to stick it into place once he's got it at the proper distance. (Also, he still doesn't quite have the hang of not washing things out with the flash.)