September 25th, 2011

Allah Sulu-South Park

Artomatic 2011, Part Two

My previous post showed the setup we did for Q's area at Artomatic; this post shows the results of the last two weekends of transporting her stuff to Frederick and getting it all installed in her space.

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The place was crowded today, with a lot of people doing last-minute work. Last week, there were some rooms that were partially setup, some rooms that were still empty, and very few that seemed complete. Today, a lot more of the building (what little I saw on one floor) looked almost ready. I deliberately have not taken any pictures of any other rooms yet – I'm waiting for the other artists to finish and the show to open before I shoot anyone else's work. The show opens this week; so next weekend I have no idea what I'm in for… But I'll probably shoot a lot of it. I wonder if there will be Peeps.

Q is still working on her webpage with all of the pieces she has on display.