June 24th, 2012

Star Wars

Actors in both Doctor Who and Star Wars

Ever since his mind was blown by the fact that Han Solo and Indiana Jones were both played by the same person, Richard has been fascinated by seeing the same actors playing different characters in different movies/shows. He hasn't woken up yet this morning to see it, but I was up for a good chuck of the night researching the answer to a question he posed to me yesterday: How many people were in Star Wars and Doctor Who? The list below was compiled using IMDb, so hopefully any errors or omissions are their fault, not mine. I did not include any of the Star Wars video games on the list below, nor are there any Doctor Who spinoffs (I only got one hit for the Sarah Jane Adventures – and he's already below for appearing in Doctor Who – and no hits for for Torchwood). I'm saving this here for future reference, because I have to put it somewhere. (A related, if a few years out-of-date, list that I'd previously compiled is the list of actors in both Doctor Who and Harry Potter.)

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