April 26th, 2013


Two by Two, Hands of Blue

  I bought a cheap Magic Eight Ball a while ago, mainly because I wanted to disassemble it and get a look at the die inside. (I thought they had an eight-sided die inside, and maybe they used to; but this one had a d20.) We tried to open it without destroying it, but that just wasn’t going to happen – these things are clearly over-engineered to withstand some serious impact, and to prevent any of that blue dye on the inside from getting out. Today Q and I spent about twenty minutes with various tools carving, cracking, stabbing, and otherwise destroying the Magic Eight Ball (and getting blue dye all over our hands – but not on the floor, we worked over a large plastic bowl) and here’s the result… Hardly looks worth the effort, does it? But hey, it’s mine now. Too bad the ball didn’t remain intact for repurposing.

  “Outlook not so good” – I’m interpreting that as a sage comment on the quality of Microsoft products.