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The Vodka God's Journal
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Friday, November 15th, 2013

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Eight is Not Enough?
   kevshindig was the first one kind enough to point this out to me. It’s a Doctor Who mini-episode from the BBC called “The Night of the Doctor,” which is a prequel to the upcoming 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” It contains only the second canon on-screen appearance by the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), as well as a callback to the Fourth Doctor (in the form of the Sisterhood of Karn from “The Brain of Morbius”). If the embedding doesn’t work for you, click here.

   Make sure that you watch the video before reading these [cheesy and spoilerific comics.]cheesy and spoilerific comics. The first is a response to the above video by Doctor Kawaii:

   A number of years back, Rich Morris (creator of the huge Ten Doctors crossover) speculated in a tongue-in-cheek manner about how the regeneration from Eight (McGann) to Nine (Eccleston) might have happened (after people specifically asked him not to do so). Those strips, now rendered inoperative by the new mini-episode, are below:

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