January 29th, 2014

Allah Sulu-South Park

Alea Iacta Est

   Among my many dice is a d6 which is apparently a Chinese drinking game. You roll the die, and then do whatever it tells you to do on the face that comes up. Of course, it’s in Chinese, which presents certain difficulties in obtaining a translation – You can’t just type Chinese characters into Google Translate to find out what they mean. Still, I hit a couple of different sites yesterday, and downloaded an app to my phone, to see what I could decypher. (My office closed early because of a power outage, my son was at school, and my wife was asleep. I had free time.) I managed to figure out what some of the sides say; the visible ones in the picture above are:

沒事(Do) Nothing
喝两杯Drink Two Cups
桌上请  (On The) Table Please (???)

   Two of the other sides translate to “Cheers” / “Dry Cup” and “Six Drinks.” The final side, however, still eludes me. (I’ll have to get a picture of it to show you.) I was unable to find an exact match for all of the symbols on it; the closest I got was interpreted by Google Translate to mean “Italian Trap Drink.”

   “I don’t know why you shouldn’t have a d6 for a drinking game that you can’t read,” Seth Cohen commented. “Presumably, any drinking game you play long enough will lead to an inability to read. Or, you know, anything.”
   “Even better,” I replied, “is a d6 for a drinking game which only I can read. Then, you know, I’ll just tell people what to do after they roll it…”