June 22nd, 2014


So, This Exists

   A collection of comics following the movie. Pretty “meh,” as they don’t live up to the quality of the movie, recycle some of the jokes and dialog from the movie, and are otherwise pretty predictable. The story takes place between the crash landing at the convention (after which the government seized all of the alien tech and explained it away as a promotional stunt) and the airing of the pilot for the launch of the new Galaxy Quest TV series. Besides the drama happening between the characters (which actually seemed to have been resolved by the end of the movie; but here, the characters have reverted to the way they were before meeting the Thermians), there was also a short plot about another alien ship attacking the Earth, and the government grabbing the Galaxy Quest actors to take the ship up to meet them (the government has been trying to study it at Area 51, but it will only work for the original crew). I had hoped for more; but then, if it had been better, I’d have heard of it and obtained it sooner.