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If I Can Make It There, I'll ... Oops, I Mean "Viva!"

What US city are you?

Congratulations, you're Las Vegas, Sin City.
The jewel of the desert, this glittering neon city of greed was first settled by Mormons in 1855. Famous for its casinos above all else, this city's life revolves around the strip and downtown. Home to wedding chapels, an Elvis museum and a Liberace museum; there is no shortage of things to do in addition to gambling. Just outside the glitz and noise is some of the most beautiful land in the states. Rich with wildlife and dramatic scenery, even nature here is bright and outrageous.

What type of Magic do you work?

What legend are you?

The phoenix was known to both the Russians and the Native Americans. This legendary creature of flame was said to live for thousands of years, and then die in an explosion of flame. When the fire dissipated, the bird would be reborn from it's own ashes.

What kind of male faerie are you?

Congratulations, you're a Satyr, a lusty woodland fae. Called by many names in Europe, Satyrs are lust half-man, half-goat creatures associated with Pan, Herne, and Cernunnos. They are always seen alone, and usually with a host of animals dancing merrily to his pipes. In English legend he is the son of a mortal mother and a faery father. The term "horny" may have come from an association between Satyrs and sex.

What kind of female faerie are you?

Congratulations, you're a Snow Fae, bringer of winter. Also called Frost Faeries, Winter Faeries, and the Snow Queen; Snow Fae are the spirit of Winter. They take on many different appearances depending on which land they live in, which is usually anywhere across Europe and Asia. The are said to bring winter and are sometimes seen as trooping faeries and other times as solitary figures.

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