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It's Been A Month...

...since I invited you to ask me questions. Here are some answers:

Why were they searching for Spock? Wasnt' he right there?
Yes, but without Spock to guide them, and with Kirk's refusal to stop for directions, they would have had trouble finding the nearest Planet Seven-Eleven.

How far along is Q in her pregnancy?
Over two months. So far, the estimated due date is January 9.

If you had to choose, would you prefer a girl or a boy?
I'm leaning slightly toward a girl, just because I've already spent so much time with baby boys (I have seven nephews, but only one niece). </a></b></a> really wants a son, though, so that's what I'd choose.

When was the last time you had really great sex?
Ummm... April? (The month, not the person.)

So how hard will your wife hit you when you proclaim her boobs have gotten bigger?
I have. She doesn't hit me, just threatens my goolies.

Why the hell is my entire friends list getting pregnant???
I'm guessing because of the sex.

Why aren't you and your wife working in Hollywood?
Because of all the restraining orders.

Where do you get those marvelous toys?
Ebay, the Mirror Universe, and monkeys.

Ever mix vodka and beer together?

Boxers or Briefs?

Why am I so addicted to Mountain Dew and Coasters?
A more important question is, why isn't everyone?

Why does </a></b></a>thetaet think you're so interesting?
Because I am? Because I have all of those blackmail photos? (No, wait, she has those...)

Why? Because.

Why? Why not?

Why? Zee!

How do you speak so clearly with that dick in your mouth?
Is that your dick? I thought it was a toothpick.
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