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GIP Earwig

I made this icon from this flash file (a.k.a. Loituma Girl), which I recently dug up to amuse Richard with (some of you may have seen it on its viral first time around). He thinks it's funny,¹ although Q has forbidden me to play it anytime she's within two blocks. The video comes from an anime called Bleach, and is four looping frames of a character named Orihime Inoue spinning a leek. The audio which accompanies the flash file (also infinitely looping) is 27 seconds of "Ievan Polkka" by a Finnish quartet named Loituma (Here is a video of the entire piece, performed live). Parodies of the original Loituma Girl and remixes of "Ievan Polkka" can be found here.

¹Apparently, so does Sophie.

EDIT: You can read that Japanese text (何か。) as "HUH?" (although it's literally "What?")

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