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The Year In Review

What: Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese
A filtered invite to a (belated, because of the holidays) birthday party for Richard and Sophie.


By The Way
We're back from vacation. Been back less than 24 hours. I'm now at work, getting caught up. We have stories and pictures, but you'll have to be patient.
The vacation was to Florida, including three days at Disneyworld, and both stories and pictures did eventually follow.

The Sequel To "Snakes On A Plane"?

(Ganked from liakela)

I Came On Eileen
The Super Soaker Oozinator: [ commercial | product info ]
"Sneak up on your opponents with a surprise bio-ooze attack! Just when they think you're coming at 'em with water, blast 'em with a shot of icky bio-ooze!"
Apparently, "Laser Tag" is old and busted, and the new hawtness is "Bukkake Tag".
(Links ganked from ΣοφωκλεσΓ)

I've finished skimming over my f-list, although I haven't had a chance to check out all of the YouTube links that were posted in my absence. Still, I have checked out a few, and here's one to kill your time: Snakes on a Plane auditions.

Happy 4th weekend, all!
We just amazed Richard by lighting off some of the wimpy, legal-in-Maryland fireworks.

Last Weekend
A series of pictures taken at a Rocky Horror Picture Show convention in Chicago.

Hey, Lori!
I think this one beats your Pope Comics...

They Grow So Fast
Richard has a pimple on his cheek. Not even two years old and he's already hitting puberty! Take that, Sophie, with your "I know the color 'blue'!"

Halloween Wrap-Up
Description of the events of the previous night, Halloween.

GIP Earwig
I won't reproduce that post here, since it's only a couple of days old, and I don't want Q to hit me again.


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