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Could Be Good, Could Be Bad

I have a long history of experimenting with alcohol. As far back as the 80s, in college, GWIII and I experimented extensely with different types of alcohol, mixers, and other conditions in order to test for various levels, types (happy, sad, surly, etc.), and durations of drunkenness; as well as methods of avoiding and/or mitigating hangovers afterwards. These experiments were carried out under strict laboratory conditions (mostly strip clubs¹), and our results were written up and posted on a BBS we both frequented. In the mid 90s, in cooperation with my Rocky Horror cast, I went through another long bout of extended research and experimentation of combinations of alcohol and other substances (and "sleep deprivation" was added to the side-effects also studied). One of the most memorable results of this era was the fajita margerita (named by Karen, IIRC); a drink born out of pure necessity – the only alcohol left was grain alcohol, and the only thing left to mix it with was salsa.² From the late 90s through the early whatever-the-hell-you-call-this-decade, I perfected my recipe for "Arthur's Punch." For many of you, I need to say no more on this subject.

As my experimentation (and results) have inspired many, so now have I, in turn, been inspired by the experimentation of others. Brendan and Wayland have been experimenting with the infusion of flavors into vodka, and created a separate blog (vodka_infusions) to chronicle their methods and results – the first four varieties created being caramel, cinnamon, coffee, and apple. And just as they have borrowed the recipe for my punch (you have to check out their pictures!) so have I borrowed their idea for infusing flavors into vodka. I, however, have chosen the less-traveled path as far as ingredients are concerned: the two experiments that I have chosen to start with are bacon and garlic

Wish me luck.

¹Right, as if we could afford to get drunk on overpriced strip club drinks back when we were poor college students! One of the motivations for our experimentations was to "get the most bang for our buck."
²I'm not sure if you can technically call it a "drink", since it was thick and chunky salsa, so there was actually a bit of chewing involved in the process. Did I still down it all? What do you think?
³I figure the garlic vodka ought to go well with pizza and pasta. And what wouldn't bacon vodka go with (apart from Ramadan)?

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