The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Final Result - Bacon Vodka

Brendan just reminded me that I forgot to write the closing chapter in my first round of vodka infusions – the result of the bacon infusion. Sadly, I've had to declare this one a failure (and I am unanimous in this … because no one else was willing to try this one with me). The time in the freezer definitely made the bacon vodka smooth and drinkable (i.e. no longer emitting toxic fumes), but the flavor was disappointing. Even though I had previously filtered it before putting it into the freezer, there was still a ring of fat around the inside of the jar at the top of the vodka. The vodka also tasted greasy, with only slight undertones of bacon – it seems that the fatty part of the bacon was more readily infused with the vodka than the tastier bits. So, while I may yet finish the garlic vodka as a marinade¹ and/or with another box of pizza rolls, I'll be disposing of the bacon vodka (once I file the appropriate paperwork with the EPA).

¹There was a second occasion where we prepared garlic-vodka-marinated steaks, which I don't believe was mentioned previously. deathquaker joined in on that meal, and also gave it a thumbs-up.

Tags: infusion, vodka

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