The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

More Vodka Tastage

  • Last night, we finished the caramel vodka. Adam, Katy, Tim, and I drank it straight and/or in a cocktail I referred to as an "off-white Russian" (caramel vodka, Irish cream, milk). Even Q had a taste.

  • I finally filtered, chilled, and served up shots of the pineapple vodka. After all of the time it spent infusing (two weeks), it had a very strong, sweet taste (and scent) of pineapple. Adam, Katy, Tim, and I all tasted it straight; but I think when I drink/serve the rest, it will be mixed with some fruit juice and/or liqueur.

  • I think I'm going to have to throw away the banana vodka. I think the bananas went bad – the vodka reeked. I threw it into the freezer to see if it just needs to chill (sometimes they do before they – or I – can be drunk), but if it still smells anything like that when I take it out, I'm sure as hell not going to drink any. (Katy was disappointed, since banana was a flavor she wanted to try … so I went to the liquor cabinet and opened up a bottle of banana rum for her.)

  • New experiment started last night: chocolate vodka! (Details to follow.)
Tags: infusion, vodka
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