The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Well, That Sucks.

I've got a flat tire. I didn't notice it while I was driving (and I was paying extra attention to traction and the like, given the heavy rain this morning), so I'm assuming that it was punctured shortly before I got to work, and finished deflating after I parked the car and left it. I was the first one in this morning, so someone else who came after noticed the flat and I was so informed. I figured, No problem! I'll just change it at lunchtime! I've changed enough tires that it's down to a routine. I even keep two spares in my trunk, just to be extra-prepared.

Well, I got four of the five lug nuts off, but the last one is stripped. Won't budge. Lovely. You might wonder why I'm not still down there, trying something else out. That would be because of the nice police officer with the large ordinance who shooed me (and the people smoking) out of the parking garage and back into the building, and is standing vigil at the entrance. Apparently, the bank next door was robbed, and the police think the perp may have fled into the garage. Presumably, Officer Friendly is the rear guard while the others are sweeping the garage top to bottom.

Once they've cleared the area, I can go back and swear at my car some more. I could swear at it now, but it can't hear me.

EDIT: (Two hours later) OK, it's fixed. Good thing I work with engineers. They were just looking for an excuse to pull out all of the tools they have secreted about their offices. We just had to wait for the police to stop barring our entry into the garage (no idea if they got their man).

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