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MetroUK — Thousands of people have been 'fleeced' into buying neatly coiffured lambs they thought were poodles. Entire flocks of lambs were shipped over from the UK and Australia to Japan by an internet company and marketed as the latest 'must have' accessory. But the scam was only spotted after a leading Japanese actress said her 'poodle' didn't bark and refused to eat dog food.

The hooves should have been a hint as well. Of course, there's a simple test they could have performed to see whether their pet was a poodle or a sheep: Give it to a Scotsman and see what happens.

Maiko Kawakami, who starred in the Japanese thriller Violent Cop, showed photographs of her pet on a television talk show only to be told it wasn't a dog – but was in fact a lamb. The discovery prompted hundreds of women to contact the police with similar problems and the authorities believe as many as 2,000 people have been conned.

"How dare they pull the wool over our eyes!"

'We launched an investigation after we were made aware that a company was selling sheep as poodles,' a police spokesman told The Sun. 'Sadly, we think there is more than one company operating in this way. The sheep are believed to have been imported from overseas – Britain and Australia.' Poodles are famously used by the rich and glamourous on the continent but are extremely rare in Japan, with many people having little idea what they look like.

According to another report I saw, sheep are also rare in Japan; so they don't really know what those look like either. So, either way, they still have a rare animal for a pet, right?

The company, which translates as Poodles as Pets, sold the 'poodles' for £630, about half the cost of a normal poodle

Whoa. Why didn't they just buy up regular poodles and ship them out there? They'd still make a profit – why the coy disguises?

but is now understood to have been shut down.

I'd make another joke here but I got mutton. There is a thread on about this…

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