The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

URLia: Thingy Names

ThingyNames.com¹ is a fun and anonymous way to discover what other couples name their private parts. Just vote on names submitted by others, and when you find the name you use, click the, "I use this name, too!" button. Find out how many people like and use the same name you do!

Note that both "tralala" and "ding ding dong" (reference) have already been submitted to this site, but Mrs. Cartman hasn't been up there yet to add "hoohoodilly" or "chacha".

¹I'm told that this site may contain NSFW advertisements. I don't see any, because I'm running Firefox with AdBlock Plus, so I apologize to the first people I gave this link to.

Tags: footnotes, nsfw, plug, teh sexx0r
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