The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Admit It, I'd Make The Debates A Lot More Interesting

After two separate threads in two different friends' journals about how both candidates are flip-flopping and reversing their stands on the issues (and in at least one case, sanitizing their official website to remove all references to some previous positions), I just wanted to point out how much better I would be able to handle accusations of flip-floppery.

Allah Sulu:  I am strongly in favor of Issue X!
Reporter:Didn't you just say yesterday that you were against Issue X?
Allah Sulu:How should I know? I was drunk yesterday!
Reporter:Aren't you also drunk today?
Allah Sulu:Can I can get a question from one of the other three reporters?
Reporter:Ummm… I'm the only one here…
Allah Sulu:*hic!*
Tags: allah_sulu for president, snark, vodka
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