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Atlantic City Pictures

This weekend, a Rocky Horror convention was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (The last of the drunken/hungover stragglers are probably still there.) Originally, Q and I were not going to be attending, but we decided at the last minute (Friday evening) that would take a day trip up to attend the daytime portion of the convention Saturday afternoon/evening. However, we only told one person (James Norman) that we were going to be attending after all – for everyone else it would be an unexpected surprise. (That's why I was wearing my "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" t-shirt, and made a cryptic post with that quote, rather than wearing a costume or something else rude and/or Rocky Horror-related.)

We hit the road at about 9:20 AM (a bit later than we'd planned, but we had a few last-minutes things to take care of, as well as dropping Richard off). We made lousy time through parts of Maryland, due to an accident and the general asshattery of Maryland drivers whenever there's inclement weather. ("Oh my God! It's raining! And not even that heavily! We must drive 25 mph in the left lane!") Once we cleared that, we made up for lost time and got to Atlantic City by about 12:30. We pulled into the parking garage right next to Greg, Amy, and Mere as they were unloading their stuff. We gave them a hand, since we had very little to carry of our own (everything I had to carry fit inside my camera bag) and went in.

Q was dressed as the main character from one of her favorite video games, Dragon Quest VIII. (She's worn that costume before.) Because of the bright primary colors in that costume, she was very easy to find in a darkened room where almost everyone else seemed to be wearing mostly black. (Amy, living up to her LJ name cthulugrrl, was wearing this shirt.)

Other castmates past and present were Jessica Feldman as Magenta and Σοφωκλεσ as Doctor Frank-N-Furter.

On the right is Neil, also a castmate from the Transylvanian Concubines in Fairfax, VA; with him is Fester (I forget where from) as Divine. I have two other pictures of his Divine costume; one with Chicago's Emily, and the other with Little Nell (a.k.a. Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). I didn't get their picture, but two other people were dressed up as Connie & Raymond Marble, Divine's nemeses in Pink Flamingos.

One of the events at the convention, which Q jumped into with great glee and gusto, was the "Project Runway" competition. Given random bits of fabric, aluminum foil, tape, and so forth, each team had 30 minutes to assemble the best Rocky Horror costumes they could (after all, it was less than two years ago that Q made a Shock Treatment costume for Jeff Baker out of wrapping paper and scotch tape). From left to right, here are Q, Mere, Sophocles, and Amy (I didn't get a clear picture of the fifth member of their team).

A couple of other cool costumes were Doctor Horrible and his nemesis, Captain Hammer (corporate tool!) I also have a second good picture of them.

Another former castmate there was Kate, who's now with the New Jersey people and one of the people who worked hard to set up this shindig. Here's another picture of Kate, with Little Nell.

Bradwinkle looks embarrassed to be next to Jen's clown shoes (and there's half of James Norman as well). Notice that Jen has the same sticker on her jacket that I have on my shirt in this picture – It says that we're "Ron Maxwell Approved!"

[GIP] – Here's a close-up of the "Ron Maxwell Approved!" sticker, suitable for use as a LiveJournal icon.

He was in one of the preshows, "Monsters of Rocky", which combined Rocky Horror with rock hits of the 80s, and combined live-action with a pre-made video, all into a commercial for an album of "Monsters of Rocky" hits. It culminated with all of the characters in the floorshow kickline made up as members of KISS ("Rock And Roll All Night"), interrupted by Riff and Magenta as Twisted Sister ("We're Not Gonna Take It"). This was one of my two favorite preshows; the other being the sketch of the conversation Brad, Janet, and Doctor Scott had as they drove back to Denton immediately after the events of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is Q with Patricia Quinn (a.k.a. Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show). This one was taken right before the other picture of me with Pat Quinn. Pat remembered Q from a previous con where they had hung out together for some time. (That was Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 2001, which was a con I missed.)

I have no idea who the guy in the middle is; but he handed me his camera in order to take a picture of him with both Patricia Quinn and Little Nell. While I was at it, I snapped another copy of the picture with my own camera. (Yes, it would have been funnier to say that I kept his camera afterwards and that's why I have the picture; but were that true, I certainly wouldn't admit it in an open post…)

Q and I had dinner with Sheri Timmerman and James Norman before we finally hit the road at about 9:30 and drove back home to Maryland. The weather and traffic were a little better on the way back, so we got home in under three hours.

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