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My Cabinet

I ganked this one from partywhipple (who didn't see fit to include me in his answers, so I requested the BATF from him): So you've won the Presidential Election and you now have to assign positions in your cabinet. You may ONLY use fellow LJers. (I'm further limiting myself to mutual LJ friends.) Whom do you choose? They don't have to be qualified, by the way, they can be whomever the heck you want for whatever reason. This is my cabinet:

Allah Sulu (of course)
Vice President
(The two positions in the line of succession after Vice President are the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate. They are not appointed by the President, however, so I'm not selecting them for this list.)

Secretary of State
Xan Man 4711 (Because it'll be funny.)
Secretary of the TreasurySecretary of Defense
GW III (Although I expect him to be more offensive – in various meanings of the word – than defensive.)
Attorney GeneralSecretary of the InteriorSecretary of Agriculture
Wyrd Satyr (With a special emphasis on, err, "animal husbandry".)
Secretary of CommerceSecretary of Labor
Esther Chaya (She's had triplets. She knows labor.)
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Delirium KT (With a particular focus on domestic abuse – sometimes preventing it, sometimes inflicting it, as need be.)
Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentSecretary of TransportationSecretary of EnergySecretary of EducationSecretary of Veteran AffairsSecretary of Homeland Security
White House Chief of Staff
Larry V (He's run Rocky Horror casts and conventions, so he's used to managing insanity.)
Office of Management and BudgetUnited States Trade Representative
Hiretsukan1970 (Even if most of that trade will be on ebay.)
Environmental Protection AgencyOffice of National Drug Control Policy
Seth Cohen (I don't want to be a micro-manager, but I may help him manage certain drugs.)
White House Press Secretaries
(Those of you who are not on this list may still be eligible for ambassadorships or other positions.)
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