The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God


We got three or four inches of snow overnight (and it's still falling). That, combined with Maryland's inability to keep the roads clear (they don't have that many plows or salt/sand spreaders, and if there's more then one good-sized storm in a winter they run out of salt/sand and/or budgeted hours for the plow drivers) and the area's drivers' incompetence in dealing with snowy/slushy roads, means that it took me longer than usual to drive my almost forty mile commute this morning. Saw some accidents, but not as many as I'd have expected. I saw a couple of cars who'd stopped and were unable to start moving again, and also saw someone hit their brakes and spin around at least 90° – but they didn't hit anything and righted themselves once traffic started moving again.
Tags: rant, work
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