The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Fun With GIS

I'm not sure if Richard recognizes the distinction between what's actually on my computer and what I'm accessing over the internet. He frequently asks me to find him pictures on my computer of various things (such as kudus or trains), which I am able to achieve with a quick Google Image Seach. I also use GIS myself when I'm explaining things to him and want to find pictures to go along with the explanation. Of course, not everything you find pictures of on GIS is real.

One of the things I enjoy doing, and do frequently, is alter the lyrics to various songs. I often do this with the songs Richard listens to ad nauseum; unfortunately, he sometimes gets very upset when I don't sing songs right. (Oops. Guess he really chose the wrong Dad.) Recently, I riffed on Raffi's Banana Phone by singing "Godzilla Phone". (It scans.) Richard insisted that I can't sing that because "Godzilla doesn't have a phone." One quick GIS later, and I proved him wrong. (It even looks kind of like my phone – I have a Samsung, but a different model.) Anyway, I am now allowed to talk (or sing) about Godzilla, and his friend "the Bug Monster", on the phone.

Tags: asia, filk, geekery, plug, richard, snark, video, weasel chronicles
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