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Con Story VI: The Voyage Home (Conclusion)

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, Q was asleep but I was still awake (but tired, and didn't feel like hitting another party) so I put up my picture dumps from Friday and Saturday. (bmajors and berniebrad wanted the Repo! pictures with cosmo ASAP; they got 'em before the con was over). Then, around 7 AM or so, I went out wandering for a while, and met a few people in the lobby waiting for the airport shuttle, and then realized that I had forgotten to take my room key with me. I let Q sleep late before I finally woke her up to let me back in the room. We were already halfway packed, so we didn't have too much to do before checking out. (After we finished Phantom of the Paradise on Saturday, and I was cutting through the parking lot back to our room, I dumped the costumes in my trunk – and we had more POTP costumes than other costumes and clothing combined.) I also packed our preshow stuff up afterwards; we had even brought a folding chair and table with us because it's not like we'd be able to find chairs or tables in the hotel to use. Anyway, by noon Sunday, we were packed and checked out.

We (the Transylvanian Concubines) went out to breakfast with the Home of Happiness cast at a Waffle House (which had a single booth open when we showed up and said we had over twenty people coming). The reason for this photo is that Skanky had never seen a White Castle before. There was one across the street from the Waffle House; Q took Σοφωκλεσ and Skanky over there for a slider and a picture.

And the reason why Soph was looking up in the previous picture was because there was a rainbow around the sun. We all got blinded looking at it and taking pictures.

The Creation Museum was less than fifteen minutes away from the hotel, and I had considered swinging by there out of morbid curiosity, for the lulz… but it wasn't really worth the time or effort.

Sunday afternoon, we drove back to Cleveland from Cincinnati, where Q's parents live (and where Richard was). My car started shaking and making noises on the drive, costing me a bunch of money for tires, suspension work, etc. before I could make another long drive back to Maryland. I also woke up Monday feeling crappy (I never get hungover or have problems getting up early at cons no matter how much I drink and how late I stay up; but it eventually catches up with me a day or two later), and ended up having to see a doctor when my tonsils swelled up (a lot of congoers got sick with various symptoms the week afterwards). Between this and that, we stayed in Ohio a few days longer than we'd planned – fortunately, I had plenty of vacation time still available to use.

The drive home was uneventful. Q and Richard slept for part of it, and we found a McDonalds with a big play area for our food stop.

And, just for fun, here's one last picture from the con, of a bunch of us packing the elevator on Friday. This one was taken by George of the Chicago Midnight Madness cast. (All of the other pictures in this post are mine.)

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