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Peeps on Display

Yesterday, we went to Artomatic in Washington DC (running May 29 through July 5), and the best exhibits there by far were the Peeps Diorama Contest entries. I took pictures of almost all of them.

Here's more information about the contest, the third annual one, as sponsored by The Washgton Post.

If you don't recognize this one, it's based on a children's book called "Goodnight Moon." It's not one that I ever read as a child.

Steve Jobs presents the iPeep Nano.

One of my wife Q's favorites.

This one was the winner.

Because it's in black and white (except for the peep on the wing), I'm assuming that this is the original Twilight Zone series episode with William Shatner, not the movie version with John Lithgow.

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Here's another shot I took of all the detail in the city behind the cathedral.

Thelma and Louise: Peeps on the Run

Peeptanamo Bay

This one's based on the DC Metro system (specifically, the Federal Triangle underground station). "Keep the Right" is the instruction to people on the escalators if they're just standing, to allow people who are walking to pass them on the left.

"Metro Meets the Needs of the Peeps Beyond the 24th Century." Also set in a Metro station (on the Green line), it features Peeps dressed in original series Star Trek uniforms. (I cannot tell whether or not this is also meant to be the version with William Shatner.)

Sweeney Tood, the Demon Barber of Peep Street.

This one is called "Sweet Revenge", and features Peeps making candy out of humans.

"A Very Special Passover."

They even had a giant Peep with whom you could pose for pictures. This is my son Richard.

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