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More Artomatic Pictures

Yesterday, while I was posting pictures from the trip I made to Artomatic on Saturday with Q and Richard, Q had gone back to Artomatic with Dawn and Skanky to take in even more of the sights (as well as to be a part of them)…

There was a tattoo parlor there (I think Q said it was on the second floor; we only hit the seventh and the eighth on Saturday) set up by Britishink, who had a TARDIS as the entrance to their (enclosed) studio at the art show. (And the inner door had "BAD WOLF" painted on it.) Naturally, Q had to pose for a few pictures here. She also talked to them for a while about pricing and such for tattoos we may be getting, and got their info.

This was one of the other cool exhibits that Dawn took pictures of (before I forget to mention it, all of these pictures were taken by Dawn). It's composed entirely of various toys and action figures, and there were a number of other works by the same artist in a similar vein.

Q is on a boat. I have no idea.

Nice knockers!

Again, I have no idea.

A bathroom done up in mosaic. Cool, but the ones Merana did in her showers are better.

I didn't take a picture of Nationals Park right next door, but Dawn did.


One of the reasons why Q wanted to go back Sunday was for the Zombie Prom on Sunday night. (It would have been too late for Richard to be up and out, plus he probably wouldn't have let himself be made up zombie-style, so he stayed home and spent Father's Day with Daddy.) We have a bunch of old, stained expendable jackets and Q used another one for this costume (and discarded it later, most likely along with the shirt and vest). They brought the clothes, make-up, and fake blood with them and zombied themselves up when the time was right. Apparently they were the best-looking (or worst-looking, since we're talking brain-eating shambling undead) zombies there, and everyone wanted pictures taken with them… so I'll wait a week and then google "artomatic zombies" to see if I can find more pictures people took of/with them.

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