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Q and I were just talking the other day, after seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and trying to name all of the people we could who'd appeared in both Harry Potter movies and Doctor Who. The list we came up with barely scraped the surface; here's what I found in IMDb:

Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Atterbury, JohnPhineasRobot, "The Mind Robber" (1968)
Alien Guard, "The War Games" (1969)
Bateson, TimothyKreacherBinro, "The Ribos Operation" (1978)
Bayler, TerenceThe Bloody BaronYendom, "The Return" (1966)
Major Barrington, "The War Games" (1969)
Broadbent, JimProfessor Horace SlughornThe Doctor, "The Curse of Fatal Death" (1999)
Cleese, JohnNearly Headless Nick Art Gallery Visitor, "City of Death" (1979)
Davis, Paul MarcGhost of the CavalierChieftain, "Utopia" (2007)
The Trickster, four episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures, (2007-2008)
Cowled Leader, "Exit Wounds" (Torchwood, 2008)
Deadman, DerekTom - Bartender in Leaky CauldronStor, "The Invasion of Time" (1978)
Fisher-Becker, SimonThe Fat FriarDorium Maldovar, "The Pandorica Opens" (2010), "A Good Man Goes to War" (2011), "The Wedding of River Song" (2011)
Fleetwood, KateMary CattermoleShip, "The Mad Woman in the Attic" (Sarah Jane Adventures, 2009)
Gambon, MichaelProfessor Albus DumbledoreOlder Kazran, "A Christmas Carol" (2010)
Gardner, JimmyErnie the Bus DriverChenchu, "Marco Polo" (1964)
Idmon, "Underworld" (1978)
Glover, JulianAragog (voice)Richard the Lionheart, "The Crusade" (1965)
Count Scarlioni / Scaroth, "City of Death" (1979)
Haggard, DaisyMinistry Lift VoiceSophie, "The Lodger" (2010), "Closing Time" (2011)
Henderson, ShirleyMoaning MyrtleUrsula Blake, "Love & Monsters" (2006)
Hynes, JessicaMafalda HopkirkJoan Redfern, "Human Nature" / "Family of Blood" (2007)
Jones, TobyDobby the House Elf (voice)Dream Lord, "Amy's Choice" (2010)
Lloyd-Park, RogerBarty CrouchJohn Lumic, "The Age of Steel" / "Rise of the Cybermen" (2006)
Margolyes, MiriamProfessor Pomona SproutLeef Blathereen, "The Gift" (Sarah Jane Adventures, 2009)
McManus, JimBarman (Order of the Phoenix)Opthalmologist, "The Invisible Enemy" (1977)
Nighy, BillRufus ScrimgeourDr. Black, "Vincent and the Doctor" (2010)
Norton, JimMr. MasonMajor Thomas Kennet, "Scream of the Shalka" (2003)
Rawle, JeffAmos DiggoryPlantagenet, "Frontios" (1984)
Rawlins, AdrianJames PotterDr. Ryder, "Planet of the Ood" (2008)
Spriggs, ElizabethFat Lady (Sorceror's Stone)Tabby, "Paradise Towers" (1987)
Tennant, DavidBarty Crouch JuniorCaretaker, "Scream of the Shalka" (2003)
The Doctor (2005-2010)
Wanamaker, ZoëMadame HoochCassandra, "The End of the World" (2005), "New Earth" (2006)
Webb, DannyBushy Haired Muttering WizardMr. Jefferson, "The Satan Pit" / "The Impossible Planet" (2006)
Whittingham, ChristopherMinistry Wizard (Goblet of Fire)Second Crew Member, "Earthshock" (1982)
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