The Vodka God (allah_sulu) wrote,
The Vodka God

Gaming in Laurel, 2009

I plugged it before, and had such a good time that I'm plugging it again. If you like gaming and you're anywhere near Laurel, Maryland; you might want to check out Tad & Craig's Excellent Party (a.k.a. TCEP), which will be happening on Labor Day weekend (Friday, September 4 through Monday, September 7). Adult registration is only $30 until Saturday (August first), when it goes up to $40. The event is being held at the Holiday Inn Laurel West, which has a special rate for TCEP attendees; but I live close enough that I can commute – which means that I won't be there the entire weekend (I only attended two days last year). If any of you want to meet up there, let me know when you'll be there. If you're in the area and like games (which is quite a few of you), then you really ought to consider going… and letting me know that you'll be there.

I'm definitely bringing this game. I still haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Tags: convention, games, geekery, holiday, plug
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