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allah_sulu's Journal

The Vodka God
Allah Sulu is a Neo Deo (new god), a former mortal who achieved immortality by means of a ritual called Carpe Deum. He is the God of Vodka, with a minor in sarcasm and pedantics. He likes Sci-fi, Anime, Rocky Horror, sex, long walks on the beach...

Allah Sulu's Massive Tool is the program I wrote to create various HTML effects, including these customized LJ user tags.

80s music, alcohol, allah sulu, allah sulu's massive tool, america, anime, anthony stewart head, apple ii, apples to apples, arthur's punch, assimilation, avatars, babylon 5, backrubs, bacon, beating a dead horse, beatles, black adder, blue, books, booze, borland delphi, breasts, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, comedy, comics, computers, conventions, cooking, costumes, coupling, crossovers, cthulhu, cunnilingus, discworld, dogma, doom, double dipping, douglas adams, driving, drunken debauchery, drunken monkey, dvda, dvds, falsifying statistics, fanfiction, fantasy, ferrets, filk, fnord, forth, frank-n-furter, friends, fun, fwoosh!, harry potter, highlander, hitchhiker's guide, hp lovecraft, hugs, huh?, humor, illuminati, internet, japan, lingerie, literature, little nell, lord of the rings, love, lovecraft, lust, manga, marriage, meat, meatloaf, midnight movies, money, monkeys, monogamy, monty python, more alcohol, movies, munchkin, music, musicals, my wife, not you, on-line comics, parody, patricia quinn, performing, photography, picking on lots42, pizza, programming, ranma, reading, red dwarf, renaissance festivals, rhps, richard o'brien, riff-raff, robert heinlein, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, roger corman, santa hats, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, shock treatment, show tunes, slct, sluggy freelance, snogs, south park, spanish inquisition, spider robinson, star trek, star wars, stolichnaya, stuff, sub-orbital-lunch-platforms, superheroes, swimming, tattoos, terry pratchett, things, thinking, thrift stores, time warp, transylvania, travel, usa, uss murgatroid, vfd, vodka, webcomics, weird al yankovic, wings, women, world domination, writing, ζ°, 悪狼